Home decor Interior design living room with both yellow and gray pantone colors of the year 2021

The 7 Biggest Home Décor Trends for 2021

As we move into the second month of the new year, some of the most exciting new home décor trends of 2021 have already begun to reveal themselves – and some of the trends that bloomed in the latter half of 2020 have proven that they’re here to stay.

Reflecting the unique social climate of the last year – a bi-product of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns – the biggest home décor trends in 2021 will continue to reflect the world we’re living in, perhaps more than any other year in history.

In 2020, our home spaces took on a new significance, as the world was forced to spend more time inside than ever before. As such, these 2021 trends make the most out of the space, focusing on comfort and homeliness, while incorporating a number of natural elements that help to bring nature indoors.

With this in mind, here are the 7 home décor trends that we think will define 2021:



Cottage kitchen with a flower poster framed placed over a table

Lockdowns forced many to stay in their city apartments and townhouses, where the views for most people – at best – comprised of cityscapes, and – at worst – left people staring out of their windows at concrete or brick-and-mortar.

As such, fantasies of living in a cottage in the rural countryside – where you could go for long walks in natural beauty, and almost be allowed to forget about the events taking place in the world – became common, and our interior design tastes changed to accommodate this.

This year, we can expect that cottagecore will dominate the home décor world, with cozy furniture, decorative wildflowers, gingham blankets, homemade candles, cottage-esque artworks, and earthy, natural colors all expected to define the trend.



While Scandinavian interior design has been all the rage for years now, interior trend experts believe that a new variation of this trend is now upon us: Japandi, a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese design.

Both styles favor minimalism, functionality, simplicity, the use of natural-looking tones and textures, in addition to clean lines, which can be accentuated by incorporating line art into a space.

The fusion of these two design styles will produce highly textured spaces, featuring a diverse range of materials, such as bamboo, straw and wood, to name a few that characterize this emerging trend.


Biophilic design.

 Room decor with plants and biophilic interior design

While biophilic design was first popularized as a way to propagate nature in urbanized areas – using buildings to support life, rather than destroy it – the latest biophilic design trend is to bring nature indoors, in addition to using buildings’ exteriors to support plant life.

More than simply buying houseplants – which, incidentally, also began trending last year, and will continue to gain popularity in 2021 – biophilic designers look for ways to make nature an integral part of a home’s interior décor, examples of which include building planters into the walls of a home, and utilizing trellises as room dividers.



Crittall-style interior design and home decor

Photo by @ourlittlelodge on Instagram

Though the original Crittall Windows company was founded in 1889, Crittall-style windows, doors, and even walls, have continually reappeared as interior décor must-haves throughout recent history.

In accordance with the other trends mentioned, Crittall makes use of clean lines, squares and natural light,  resulting in a space which is bathed – but not overpowered – by natural light, making the spaces in a home appear larger, and less enclosed: an effect that’s particularly desirable in light of recent events.


A home office focus.

Home office space well illuminated with a green wall and sophisticated interior design

In the wake of the pandemic, most people were forced to begin working from home, which meant that people started spending more time in their home office than almost any other room in their house.

As a result – in 2021 – we can expect that one of the biggest changes to people’s interiors, will be a rejuvenation of their home office space, making it the nucleus of their home. 

Though the style of a home office will vary depending on each person, the focus for all will likely be ensuring that the office is an enjoyable space to exist in, while incorporating features such as art and house plants, which have been shown to improve work performance when present in the workspace.


Yellow and gray.

Interior design mid entury home decor style using the pantone colors of the year 2021. Yellow and Gray.

Each year, Pantone presents its color – or, in this case, colors – of the year, predicting the tones most likely to define the public’s interior color choices over the next 365 days.

In 2021, the colors ‘Ultimate Gray’ – a warm pewter gray – and ‘Illuminating’ – a bright sunny yellow – have been named the favorites, and are predicted to dominate the interior design sphere.

Pantone describes the combination as conveying ‘a message of happiness supported by fortitude’, noting that – this year especially – we need ‘to feel that everything is going to get brighter’. More than this, the color pairing helps to create an interior environment which is reminiscent of a stony beach in the sun, likewise helping to bring the delights of the outdoors in.


Sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

 Sustainable materials and furniture for home interior design showing a black canvas and a mid century sofa in a livingroom

In the lockdowns, people had a lot of time to reflect on their lives – and how their lives impacted the planet – with many deciding that they wanted to alter their lifestyles in accordance with their values, and have a more favorable impact on the world.

As such, we can expect that sustainably produced furniture and home décor, with a small carbon footprint and minimal waste produced during the manufacturing process, is on its way in, and that natural materials, recycled materials and repurposed vintage features are likely to dominate because of this.


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