Beautiful room with soft lighting decorated with a canvas print of a minimalist geometric art piece leaning against a wall.

Minimalist Art: A Brief History of The Minimal Art Movement

“Minimalism is beyond time. It is the stillness of perfection.” – Massimo Vignelli

Minimalist art is an art term that refers to the idea that art has its own reality, as opposed taking on an imitation of a real-world form, landscape or person. Minimalist artists have abandoned the idea of evoking any outside thought or idea, and instead are focused on having the viewer respond only to what is directly in front of them.

While versions of minimalist art can be found throughout history across a wide variety of cultures and traditions, the official minimalist art movement began in the late 1950s. Together with conceptual art, both movements challenged the status-quo that the creation, diffusion and viewing of art was reserved for only the privileged elite.

Some of the first recognized minimalist artists are Italian artist Enrico Castellani with his monochromatic paintings on canvas, and the famous collection known as the Black Paintings by renowned artist Frank Stella. The minimalist art movement continued to thrive throughout the 1960s and 1970s with astounding works by famous artists such as Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, and Donald Judd.

“What you see is what you get.” – Frank Stella

Today, minimalist art continues to thrive. With minimalism as a popular trend throughout home décor, interior design, fashion, and even lifestyle. Current minimalist art extends across a wide variety of genres and categories including line art, abstract art, and geometric art

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