Meet the Artist: Abby Flitton

Meet the Artist: Abby Flitton

Abby Flitton is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on illustration and photography. Often, her work deals with subject matter concerning the natural world, folklore and imagining something else apart from the mundane.

"Experimenting with different media and just doing instead of thinking is really important in my stylistic development."

What’s your background? Does it influence your artwork? (childhood, where you live or were raised)

 I was born in Colorado and continue to live and work here now. Mountains and other parts of the natural world are often at the forefront of my work, and I definitely think that can be attributed to living around such beautiful landscapes.

What was the strongest influence you had when you were growing up (artists, movies, cartoons, comics, etc.)? When did your love for art first begin?

My mom is an artist and illustrator, so I think the idea of creating has always come very naturally. I can’t remember a specific moment in time when I decided I loved art and creating, I just feel like it’s always been a part of me. Watching my mom and seeing her work in such inventive and imaginative ways was so influential and I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to do the same.

What inspires you?

Mountains, ferns, folklore; I could go on, but those are some of the things that have been on my mind in recent work.

How did you develop your illustration style? 

By experimenting with different media and just doing instead of thinking is really important in my stylistic development. I also feel as though my style is a work in progress and will always be changing as I grow as an artist.

What is your favorite illustration technique?

I love using charcoal. Something about the way I can make such expressive marks has made it my favorite medium to use. Also, being able to use subtractive methods through erasure creates really intriguing effects.

What do you like most about taking photos?

Working in analog formats and the tactile nature of using physical media such as film, chemicals, and other materials. I’ve always been enchanted my the alchemy of analog photography and that’s a major reason why I pursued it.

What's your favorite movie and why?

Fargo. The cinematography and mid-western landscape in winter is so beautiful and the dark humor is classic. Still, the violence takes me off-guard, haha.

What have you been listening to while working lately?

Sad Indie music, but that’s nothing new (:

Do you have any hobbies? 

House plants and cooking!


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