Kid's bedroom or nursery decorated with cute animal art prints with cool quotes.

Introducing a New Doodl Art Collection: Nursery & Kids

Introducing children to art from a young age offers all kinds of extraordinary benefits. Decorating a nursery or child’s bedroom with art that is appropriate and stimulating not only gives the space a great look but can also positively impact your child’s cognitive development. 

With this in mind, Doodl has just released a brand-new art collection for nurseries and kids. Add an inspiring and motivational phrase to your child’s room, or introduce them to their newfound love for animals with a playful Koala print. Kid’s animal prints are a great way to decorate a bedroom or playroom while also providing learning opportunities for speech development, reading and writing. 

The presence of art in children’s lives is recommended for a wide variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most important positive impacts that art can have on children:  

  • The encouragement of creativity and innovative thinking
  • Helps to build self-esteem and support positive self-expression
  • Making art can help to develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Promotes the acceptance of others
  • Improves visual processing and memory

Next time you’re spending time with your little one, ask them what their favorite animal is, and then head on over to our art for kids collection to pick out their favorite print.

Doodl offers everyone the opportunity to buy affordable art online that suits their individual taste. Visit our online catalog to find abstract art, minimalist art, geometric art, line art, moon art, and so much more! To learn more about printing options and recommendations from Doodl, visit our FAQs page.


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