How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Home

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Home

Gallery Wall showing six posters from in different styles and formats. These include posters from our collections Universe, Abstract, Bodies and Photography.

In recent years, gallery walls have become incredibly popular and are a fantastic way to transform your home and inject a splash of color or pattern into any room. No matter the room, if you face a large expanse of empty space, then installing a gallery wall can give your property a fresh new look, but how do you create the perfect gallery wall?

Although they might be becoming more popular, there are still plenty of fantastic ways to make yours truly unique. The beauty of adding a gallery wall to your home is that you can personalize it however you like, from the images you use to the size of the frames you choose. Here are our top tips to help you to create a unique, eye-catching gallery wall:
A woman drinking coffee and looking for new ideas for her gallery wall on her computer. She is looking at doodl's account on Pinterest.
  • Do some research
  • When it comes to creating a gallery wall, one of the most important things to do is to thoroughly research ideas before you start purchasing pictures and frames. Taking your time to explore other set-ups will help to inspire your design and help you plan the perfect layout for your home. 
    A person planning a gallery wall and about to write something on a white notebook.
  • Plan your design 
  • Once you have been able to create the perfect gallery wall design for your room, the next step is to plan out exactly how it will look. To do this, you should first measure the space you have available, which will then help you to establish what size frames and images you require. To ensure you have the perfect gallery wall for your home, you could create templates to pin to the space first, giving you a visual representation of what it will look like. Keeping a smaller gap between each frame is a great way to ensure your wall makes a more significant impact on guests, while using different sized frames help to make your wall a real centerpiece of the room.  
    A woman holding a botanical photography framed poster showing green leaves, on a green background.
  • Establish a theme
  • Your picture wall is a chance to showcase your personality; however, to make it impactful, you should establish a theme throughout the design. When designing your wall, think about the room you are placing it in and the emotions and feelings you want to convey. From minimalist design to bold and contrasting textures, choosing the right theme is the perfect way to make your picture wall truly stunning. 
    Color comparison of the same doodl poster in terracotta red, beige and dark pink.
  • Utilize colors
  • Choosing the right color palette is essential to creating the perfect gallery wall. The colors you choose will bring your room together and will depend on the theme and design you have chosen. If you are utilizing neutral images and colors, then you could hang them on a bold colored wall, while if you are using brighter and more vibrant images, then consider hanging them on a more neutral wall to help them to stand out more. 
    Gallery wall with different art posters in different sizes on a living room, with an orange sofa.
  • Mix and match
  • A common mistake many people make when first creating a picture wall is to focus on using the same frames and frame color. To ensure yours is able to be truly unique and make a stunning impact on guests, think about using different sizes, colors, and materials when it comes to your frames.

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