Interior Design and Home Decor Tips

Interior Design and Home Decor Tips

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Works of art are an extension of one’s personality. As such, picking artwork for your home should come as natural as picking your favorite food or articles of clothing. However, we would like to share a few tips and general guidelines in today’s blog, so that your home decorating journey will be easier and more fun.

The best thing about art, aside from its aesthetic contribution to your home, is that it is an investment. You can take it with you as you move from one house to another, and some even grow in value as time goes by. Furthermore, owning a great piece of art doesn’t have to mean breaking your bank account or burning a hole through your pocket. You just have to be smart and practical when and where you buy it.

So before we start, there’s no one-size-fits-all as far as your art preferences are concerned. Each part of a house may compel you to pick an appropriate piece of art.

Living Room

Your living room might be the most fun part of the house to start decorating. Since it’s the area of the house where your guests spend most of their time, sprucing it up can be a little daunting and intimidating. To make things easier, you can try these tips:

  1. For starters, you can invest in one oversized piece that matches the theme of your living area.
  2. You may also purchase a trio or set of smaller pieces; these go well when placed above windows or on short walls.
  3. Your most significant piece of artwork should have a background color that matches your wall color.
  4. Incorporate an accent wall. Try using bright and bold paint color or hang a provocative piece of artwork to have a bigger impact in a small space.

 Gallery wall of abstract posters by Doodl place on a living room's wall


Many consider the kitchen the “heart of the home.” What’s important here are the conversations and activities surrounding cooking and food. You can make your kitchen more attractive by:

  1. You can choose an art piece that is complementary and not overwhelming.
  2. You can also pick pieces of art that contain words that brighten up your day or you can go with an art piece that has bold graphic prints.
  3. Similarly, you may also consider framing your kitchen with an abstract print or a set of prints.

 Balance geometric wall ar poster placed on a white frame giving a nice touch and accent to a kitchen area


The bedroom is your most personal space. It’s quite tempting to go overboard in decorating it with art that may not be appropriate for the living room or kitchen or where your guests can’t see them and that’s okay! What’s important with the bedroom is that:

  1. You pick a piece that helps you relax and has a calming effect.
  2. The colors shouldn’t be turbulent but soothing.
  3. Large scale pieces should be hung at eye level.
  4. If you prefer abstract pieces, then go for the ones with soothing colors or tones. If you’re into photography, landscapes or colorful photos work best.

 Sole mio boho abstract style framed poster on a beautiful bedroom


The bathroom might be the last place you might consider to put a piece of art. Maybe because guests don’t see it quite as often or you may find decorating it is quite confusing. But fret not! Decorating your bathroom is not as intimidating as you think:

  1. You can start with art pieces that generally flow with the vibe of your bathroom; think tropical, pastel, dark, minimalist, and such.
  2. You don’t have to put up a lot, a pair of similar art pieces stacked side by side or on top of each other will do the trick.
  3. If it’s the powder room, you can consider getting bright and fun pieces.

Blue lily line art abstract poster wall decor


Extra interior design tip: Switch your art from room to room. You can give a whole new life to your art piece by changing it from the living room to the bedroom. 

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