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Meet the Artist: Álvaro Cárdenas
Álvaro Cárdenas is a photographer based in Guadalajara, Mexico, focus on landscape and nature photography. His favorite compositions are those that include mountains, water, and hidden natural gems. He loves looking for exotic and uncommon places that offer him a...
Meet the Artist: Abby Flitton
Abby Flitton is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on illustration and photography. Often, her work deals with subject matter concerning the natural world, folklore and imagining something else apart from the mundane. "Experimenting with different media and just doing instead of thinking...
Meet the Artist: Mirko
Mirko is a digital and traditional self-taught artist from Italy. He started painting in his late twenties, without any former art education. He's been learning by himself using online resources since 2018. Now he’s trying to get into the freelance world as an illustrator and general 2D artist. Even though he didn't have a formal art education, his authentic technique and appealing representation styles suggest otherwise.
Meet the Artist: Lora Cazwell
Lora Cazwell is an abstract acrylic artist based in Northern Ontario, Canada. She is a mother, elementary art teacher, and artist. Her work captures the mental conflict between compulsive control and uninhibited chaos. Thus far, her inspiration has been based on her experiences, her faith, and the beautiful surroundings of Northern Ontario. Her abstract art prints could be a great statement piece for any room in your home.
8 Guidelines to Create the Perfect Cozy Minimalist Space
In recent years, a major cultural shift towards the ‘less is more’ mindset has spread across the globe, especially in the realm of interior design. And, as minimalism and minimalist-inspired designed trends have taken center stage, people have grown to value the importance of space over having innumerable, often useless, possessions.
How to Use Art to Enhance the Spaces in Your Home
For thousands of years, people have displayed art in their homes and as time has progressed artworks have come to fill more and more human-centric spaces; whether it’s a hospital, a bank, a hotel, or a home, you’ll usually find art on the walls, as everyone has become more conscious of the effect that art can have on a space – and on the minds of those who encounter it.
9 Major Tips on How to Create the Ultimate Nature-Inspired Home Aesthetic (And Some Plants You Might Want to Include)
Although most of us live in urbanized towns and cities, we humans are innately biological creatures – a part of the natural world, just like plants and animals – though we sometimes like to believe otherwise. Here are 9 major things you can alter to make the space you inhabit a little more nature-esque...
8 Tips to Create a Home Office Space That Maximizes Your Productivity

From the color scheme you choose to decorate your home office, to your desk set-up and even the quality of the air in the space: every detail can impact how well you work, and the amount of motivation you have to keep pushing on, even if all you want to do is slip away to the living room and binge the newest Netflix series...

The 7 Biggest Home Décor Trends for 2021
As we move into the second month of the new year, some of the most exciting new home décor trends of 2021 have already begun to reveal themselves – and some of the trends that bloomed in the latter half of 2020 have proven that they’re here to stay...
Interior Design and Home Decor Tips
Works of art are an extension of one’s personality. As such, picking artwork for your home should come as natural as picking your favorite food or articles of clothing. However, we would like to share a few tips and general guidelines in today’s blog, so that your home decorating journey will be easier and more fun...
How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Your Home
In recent years, gallery walls have become incredibly popular and are a fantastic way to transform your home and inject a splash of color or pattern into any room...
How Do I Choose Wall Art for Big or Small Spaces? a Guide
When choosing art for smaller spaces, keep it simple, use coordinated colors, use vertical arrangements in narrow spaces, or lean prints on furniture or the floor. For larger areas, get creative with a gallery wall, some oversized art, and hang art closer together for visual impact. 
Working From Home: Home Office Design Tips

A thoughtfully decorated home office space not only makes working from home more comfortable, but it has also proven to improve productivity and focus energy.

Introducing a New Doodl Art Collection: Nursery & Kids
Art for kids is a great way to decorate a bedroom or playroom while also providing learning opportunities for speech development, reading and writing.
Minimalist Art: A Brief History of The Minimal Art Movement

Minimalist artists have often abandoned the idea of evoking any outside thought or idea, and instead are focused on having the viewer respond only to what is directly in front of them.

Simple Interior Design: 5 Ways to Add Art to Your Home Décor

When it comes to making a house a home, there is little more important than decorating your space with art and home décor that you love.

Doodl: Affordable Art Online for Everyone, Everywhere

When it comes to affordable art online, Doodl strives to give everyone the opportunity to buy art online that suits their individual taste.